We are a consulting firm with expertise in organisation and operational excellence.

We support our clients in their transformation, modernisation and performance improvement projects, from the design stage right through to implementation on the field with your teams. As Luxinnovation accredited consultants, some of our fees might be subsidised.

We propose a twos-steps approach. The first stage consists of a diagnosis of your company, covering the organisation, as well as the various business processes and support functions. At the end of this phase, we will share with you a list of findings and a costed action plan for implementation.

The second stage consists of supporting you in implementing the action plan until the results are achieved. We work around a number of quantitative objectives, such as the search for growth, profitability, stock reduction, etc. and quantitative objectives, such as the modernisation of processes, generational transmission, tension in teams, etc.

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Our services

A full range of tailor-made services to optimise and modernise your company

Financial analysis

We analyse your operational performance and define your cost price and key ratios.

Firstly, financial analysis enables us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation in a detailed and relevant way. To do this, we analyse the variations and trends in your revenues (by customer, activity, product, etc.) and your costs (purchases by category, supplier, staff costs by department, etc.).

Based on our experience, we analyse and compare this data in the form of key indicators and ratios.
We support our customers in defining the cost price and the various target parameters and ratios for more detailed monitoring of your performance.


We can help you to put in place a structured and coherent organisation which is a foundation for your business.

Reorganisation is always an important but delicate stage in a company’s life cycle. Our experts can help you to define the strategic guidelines and governance of your organisation. Elements such as the company’s vision, mission and values will be defined with you and formalised. We will then support you in formalising and allocating roles and responsibilities, with a list of over 150 standard activities to be covered in a company, which we will adapt to your specific requirements. Finally, we will work with you to list the key indicators to be implemented, as well as the individual objectives, to ensure the monitoring and sustainability of your new organisation. Our experts will support you in managing the change by implementing a communication plan tailored to your employees.

Process optimisation

We improve the performance of your administrative and operational processes by reducing inefficiencies and improving customer service.

Our methodology is based on “Lean Manufacturing” tools. Together with your teams, we list all current processes and identify operational and organisational inefficiencies. Once the current processes have been formalised, we work with you to define and formalise a target process aimed at reducing administrative tasks by maximising automation and standardisation.
Some of our fees may be subsidised.

Digital transformation

We are here to help you with your digital transformation, and part of our fees may be subsidised.

We are convinced that a good digital transformation starts with a review and optimisation of processes. Throughout the project, we support your teams in defining and formalising functional and non-functional requirements. To do this, we use our standard tools and matrices designed to launch a call for tender. Our consultants are not integrators or developers, which makes Ficel Conseil a neutral and objective partner when it comes to selecting the digital tool best suited to your needs. Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of contacts, enabling us to find the most effective digital solution for your organisation (ERP, CRM, time and attendance tools, workflow, etc.). We then support you during the development, testing and implementation phase, providing project management and interfacing with the IT service provider.

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