We are an IT support for FICEL Group customers

We support our clients in their IT transformation projects and in optimising their existing IT systems. Our assistance covers the phases of analysis, design, development, testing and validation, as well as implementation at two levels of :

  • Increasing automation in the exchange of accounting and payroll information with our respective sister companies FICEL Fiduciaire and FICEL Salaires.
  • Analysing and optimising your company’s IT system. As an IT project is often linked to a restructuring of the company’s processes and information flows, we would like to highlight our close collaboration with our sister company FICEL Conseil.

We propose a two-steps approach. The first consists of carrying out an audit of the existing system and the accounting workflows in place in your company.

The result of this phase will be recorded in a base document, allowing us to discuss possible optimisations, whether internal to your company, or in relation to specific interactions with our other FICEL Group entities.

At the end of this phase, we will share with you a list of findings and an action plan for their implementation. We will assist you in drawing up specifications and making contact with potential hardware and software suppliers capable of supporting your IT project.
When it comes to digital communication projects with FICEL Group, we will also deal directly with your IT suppliers. We will take care of testing and validation, as well as setting up the required digital interfaces.

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Our services

IT audit

We can help you set up an IT system that meets your needs.

These days, the IT system is one of the foundations of a company’s organisational strategy and the way it operates. The success and longevity of a company depend on its coherence and performance.

FICEL Informatique offers you the opportunity to set up or clean up and structure this vital function, by means of an analysis of your IT tools, carried out by our specialists directly on site. This analysis provides a precise, strictly qualitative diagnosis of the efficiency, adaptability and reliability of your IT system.

Applications linked to the accountancy profession

We provide our fiduciary colleagues with a complete business management system.

Over the years, FICEL Informatique has developed software for accounting, finance, tax and human resources management for the FICEL Group.

As part of this ongoing project, products such as an integrated invoicing system based on detailed management of hours worked, as well as software for calculating the depreciation of movable and immovable property, are available and already in use by some of our colleagues.

Digital transformation

We assist FICEL Group customers in optimising the exchange of documents with our various accountancy and payroll departments.

FICEL Informatique assists the group’s customers in their projects to optimise the quality of data exchanged with the group’s various departments. These digitisation projects result in the implementation of a high-quality, reliable and high-performance interface with our in-house accounting and payroll software.

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Romain Nilles

  • Associé, Expert-comptable, conseil en informatique

Pascal Demirtas

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